David Lock’s paintings utilise a collagist approach. In the process of creating his ‘Misfit’ paintings, he makes collages culled from advertisements and imagery from mainstream magazines. In their making, the collages and subsequent paintings have a performative quality. In this regard, he is seeking to undermine the original source material, disrupting its meaning in order to create a new experimental man, akin to Frankenstein’s monster. A subject divided against itself as the effect of a loss.

Lock is investigating how to create a multitude of subject positions, upon which signifiers are free to float, shifting identification from one fragment to another. His paintings resist a single reading or viewpoint, instead any reading of the portrait is unmoored, fluid and contingent. A sense of vulnerability is reinforced by the paintings being composed from collaged elements.

At the heart of the work there is a sense of loss. The lacunae of the lost objects from which these fragments were a part.

Lock’s motivations for the use of the male, exposes an underlying uncertainty about the male’s status in contemporary culture and the role he should fulfill within it.

David Lock lives and works in London. He graduated from Goldsmiths’ College, London with an MA in Fine Art in 2001, following a first class BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The University of Reading in 1999. Upon graduation he joined Candoco Dance Company as a dancer for several years, before returning to his fine art practice in 2005. He has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. Following a solo show at Fred, London in 2007, Lock had a solo show at Zoo Art Fair, London, as a Prizewinner for the John Jones ‘Art on Paper’ acquisition award in conjunction with Zoo Art Fair, London.

In 2018, Lock will have a solo show opening at Studio 1.1 Gallery, London where he will be presenting a new body of work.

Recent commissions include designing a geometric stage set in ‘Set and Reset/Reset’ for Candoco’s 20th anniversary season ‘Turning 20’, in association with Trisha Brown Dance Company.

Lock is a recipient of the prestigious Abbey Award, at the British School at Rome between October 2011-June 2012.

He was recently shortlisted for the publication 100 Painters of Tomorrow.